Frequently asked questions


What does the GPT organization look like and which functions do we still want to fill?

You can see what our organization looks like in the image above. Of course, we cannot run Golf Park Tervuren alone. We would like to fill the various positions in the committees and captains with people who want to contribute to this project. Candidates can always contact someone from the board or via

How will the transition between DMGC board and the new GPT be handled?

Golf Park Tervuren will officially start on January 1, 2021. Of course, we are now preparing everything in the background. This also includes a number of conversations with DMGC so that we can guarantee a smooth transition.

Can playing members take the initiative themselves to organize competitions and events?

Of course. We support all initiatives to make our club a vibrant and dynamic club. We provide various committees, including an events and a competition committee, in which members can sit and start initiatives. Candidates are more than welcome.

How are we going to organize the reservations?

We will continue to run this via i-golf. We believe that this only offers advantages in terms of organization and analysis of the occupation; We will check if the people who have booked really turn up and play. If this is not the case, they will be addressed about this.

What are our event projects?

We want to make our club a dynamic club for our members. In addition to the many competitions, both classic and less classic, we also want to organise other events. Our members are always at the centre of it all. The events we want to organise are always for our own members and not for strangers or people who have nothing to do with our club. For example, we think of a wine tasting for our members, a card game evening for our members, ... To this end, we have set up an events committee that will organise and steer all these events. We will certainly never organise communion parties and other events in this style in our club.

Do we have plans for partnerships with nearby golf clubs?

We are never against a good partnership where everyone wins. The basic principle is that our members benefit. For example, we had an exploratory talk with The National. We discussed the possibility of receiving some of their "rabbits" from time to time, at specific times when the GPT is not at all busy and therefore not disturbing. In exchange, we would be allowed to use their driving range. Nothing has been decided yet and we will never accept an agreement that is not positive for our members.

If there are other possible partnerships, we will look at them with the same approach. It must be positive for our members and we must be able to maintain our independence and personality unconditionally!


How many members are we aiming for?

Given our innovative member formulas, it is difficult to call out one specific number here. Much depends on which formula is chosen. In the 1st year we would like to register 450 “full members”. We think we can certainly grow to 600. We will closely monitor this number and the occupation of the track. We are looking for a healthy balance: of course we want to have many members but everyone still has to have the opportunity to play regularly.

Which member formulas will we offer?

We offer different membership packages that are adapted to the needs of every golfer. These needs are not the same for every player and that is why we also offer the necessary flexibility.

These various innovative member formulas can be found on this website under the tab “Become a member?”.

If you have any questions about this, you can always contact us.

Do we offer family and youth formulas?

Yes, we certainly do. In addition to our various, innovative member formulas, we have serious discounts for youth and families. Members of the Blue Lions hockey and tennis also receive a discount. We are currently discussing whether this can also be done in the other direction. You can find all the details on this page of our website.

When and how can we register?

Registration for membership in 2021 will be possible from October this year (2020). If you want to be sure of your place for 2021, you can already pre-register on this website via this link.

This pre-registration ensures you a place and you will be contacted first when registrations open.

What about membership fees for people who have been a member of DMGC for a long time?

We do not provide discounts for longtime DMGC members. We do not know what DMGC itself intends to offer its members in the transition but that remains the choice of DMGC. We are 2 separate non-profit organizations.

Do the current members of DMGC automatically receive a request for registration for the 2021 season?

No. DMGC and GPT are 2 separate non-profit organizations. We are therefore not allowed to exchange data with each other because of the GDPR legislation. You will certainly hear from us when and how you will be able to pre-register and register.

Is it true that members that do not live in Tervuren have to pay more?

That is indeed correct. This was imposed by the municipality in their request for proposal and in the contract. The 12.5% ​​extra membership fee will be transferred by Golf Park Tervuren to the municipality that will use this money for the maintenance of the sports site. One example: they will install the safety net between hole 7 and the hockey field.

To compensate for this additional price, we will give the non-Tervuren residents who take a full subscription 2 free green fees.

Are French (and English) speakers still welcome?

Everyone is welcome. And we will do everything we can to make everyone feel welcome. Language should not be a blocking factor. We must adhere to a number of conditions contractually, but that does not mean that we will not do everything we can to help everyone correctly.

Golf course

What are we going to do with the driving range (Achterstraat)?

We are going to put the driving range back in order so that it can be used by the members and for the ‘Start to Golf’. We are also going to put the nets back in good condition. Of course, this driving range has its limitations. We are therefore looking at the options for upgrading this driving range. We are thinking of a ball machine, ball collector, ... the timing will depend on the available resources but is not foreseen in the first year(s).

Will the tee of hole 2 be changed?

It is true that the piece of land for the tee of hole 2 is being rented and that there will be an allotment here. We do have a verbal confirmation that we can continue to use this piece of land so that we do not have to make any changes.

Will we sacrifice hole 9 to make room for a driving range?

Hole 9 is one of the most beautiful holes on the site. We will certainly not give up on this hole. We would also like to put the pond and the waterfall back in order, but since we have no insight into the costs today, we cannot plan this yet.

Will there be safety nets at the tee of hole 7?

The city of Tervuren has approved the investment for placing the nets between hole 7 and the hockey field. The nets should be in place before the end of the summer.

Will there be a pond at hole 2?

Possibly. We have an ecological project running in collaboration with ‘VZW Regionaal landschap Dijleland’. This project will strive for a perfect harmony between ecology and golf. An extra pond at hole 2 is one of the options in this project.


Will the clubhouse and the rest of the infrastructure be ready for the 2021 season?

As soon as we are allowed, we get things started. We are already preparing everything carefully. So, everything will certainly be ready by the start of the new season.

Will the clubhouse be open more often?

Yes. We plan to be opened every day in the summer, except on Monday. In winter it will be a bit less. In any case, we try to make it a vibrant club and that also means a nice clubhouse where you can enjoy something to drink or eat.

What function will the old office have now that you will house the secretariat at the front?

There are still several options on the table. We may put a virtual wave there or expand the clubhouse or install a small golf shop.

We are still looking at this.

What is the ‘jeugdhonk’?

Our ‘jeugdhonk’ is a separate place in the club where our young members get their own place. They can do their own thing, away from the oldies 😉, such as gaming, chilling, ...

This place is only accessible to our own members of course.

Golf Park Academy

From when do golf lessons and Start to Golf start?

We will not start until January 2021. The lessons and Start to Golf will be planned in the spring of 2021, depending on the weather conditions and the condition of the course.

With the virtual golf we will be able to organize lessons, regardless of the weather conditions.

Will group lessons be provided for the youth and is this included in the membership fee?

There will certainly be lessons for the youth on the course, on the driving range and in virtual golf. These lessons will have to be booked and paid for separately.

Will there be a Golf Pro?

Of course, there will be a Golf Pro who will organize this Golf Academy. We are discussing this with a number of Pros, including the current Pro, Jean Philippe Dewit

Are free lessons included in the youth membership?

No. We certainly want and will offer fun and cheap lessons for the youth, but these are not included in the regular membership fee. In this way we want to keep the membership fee cheap and offer multiple, flexible lesson formulas.


Will there still be 18 holes competitions?

Certainly. We want to introduce various innovative and fun formulas in our competitions. But we always strive to maintain a good balance between the classic formulas and the innovative formulas. Something for everyone.

Will there be a fee to participate in the competitions?

We do not know yet. We are looking into this. If it were, it will only be a small contribution.

Will there still be meetings organized for the Ladies, Seniors, Mens?

Yes, we also keep these formulas. What is good, should not be changed.

Our organization also provides a Captain for all different groups.

Are we going to participate in interclub competitions again?

That is certainly the intention. We already know several members who would like to be part of our team. If we have enough candidates, we will start in 2021. We have until the end of January to register our team.

Be sure to contact us if you are a candidate to be part of our interclub team.